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Pitching Development Class Phase 2 (Feb/Mar)


The program is specialized for players ranging from youth baseball to travel ball. Training will consist of basic mechanics, specialized mechanics per player, pitch grips, long toss program, bullpens, mental approach to pitching, and live pitching/hitting the last two weeks.




Both Development Clinics Package (Pitching + Hitting)


Whats Included

  • 5, One Hour training sessions focused on pitching
  • 2, Two Hour Live hitting sessions vs live hitting
  • Binders with lessons + pictures, and notes each week
  • Homework Each week
  • Mental talk each week to start class
  • Tons of new drills
  • Work with Strike Force Crew in our beautiful facility


Tuesday's (8:00pm-9:00pm),  February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, March 6th 


Saturdays (12pm-1pm), February 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, March 3rd

Live Sessions (Also Include in class)

Saturday's (11am-1pm) Live, March 10th, 17th




The class that is on Tuesday is the same class that is taught on Saturday. If you cannot make a Tuesday Class, or a Saturday Class it is meant to provide convince for you to be able to make up that date in the other class, just let us know and we will mark it down. 

November,December Class Pictures/Videos

Our Techniques

Hip Lead/ Power Glide (Potential Energy)

Importance of lead arm action

Balance Point

Hand Speed (arm whip)

Extension (Upper Body Torque)/ Finishing through the door