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Virtual One on One Lessons via FaceTime or Skype

The Rundown

Times are tough right now and we are all experiencing some very difficult situations! We at Strike Force have created what we think is a way to keep kids involved in the game mechanically, and mentally and also give our students some sort of a coping mechanism during a tough time. We as well being a small business during this time have found a fun creative way in which we think you can get a lot out of, and support a small business in tough times along the way. Please if you have any doubts give us a call at the contact info below, or give it a try and see if you enjoy it! Watch the videos below and check out the photos to see how it works. Thank you again for your support we hope everyone is safe and healthy and we can't wait to see you! (Virtually for now)

How It Works


$25 for Members HALF HOUR

$30 for Non-Members HALF HOUR

$50 for Member for FULL HOUR

$60 for Non-Members for FULL HOUR



Casey Wilson

Contact Info for Payments, or Questions

Phone: 440-715-3549

Video/Photos of Trial Virtualy at Strike Force

*Instructors will have adequate equipment at home if unable to do lessons at Strike Force Virtually. If at anytime you feel the at home set up is not up to your standard you may cancel the lesson and not have any penalty.

Photos of Students Set Up

Click on links below to view instructor schedules for virtual lessons