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Iron Mike Machine Tunnel Rentals

Iron Mike Batting Cages

Iron Mike rental is now available at Strike Force. Our Iron Mike is the same as any batting cage you would hit at. Our machine is not token operated it is run from a switch which is controlled by you! Use the schedule below to book online (It is very simple), or call us at 330-655-2255

  • Our machine has a switch that the patron or family member can flip to start the machine and turn the machine off.
  • The machine works from 40-70mph and can be set to your preference. (Our Machine is set from 60 feet away so 50 mph feels a bit more like 45ish)
  • Our rentals work in half hour increments as well as hour increments. 
  • 240 Balls before pick up. (Lasts you about 25 straight minutes without turning the machine off.  1/2 hr rentals usually only one pick up, 1 Hr rentals two pick ups)
  • Facility Members only have to pay for the machine. Non-Members have to pay for tunnel and machine.
  • HitTrax is available upon request. 
  • Batting Cage is now included with every HitTrax Memberships for no extra charge, please view the link under pricing to learn more!
  • HitTrax is included with your first rental for FREE!


Academy Members:  

30 Minute Rental: $25

60 Minute Rental $35

Non Academy-Members: 

30 Minute Rental: $35

60 Minute Rental: $60 

Team Rental:

60 Minute Rental $99 (HitTrax is included for no extra charge)


Memberships options are listed below. If you already have an academy membership or would like to purchase one you will get a discounted rate on lessons, pro shop, and batting cage/HitTrax memberships. ALL BATTING CAGE MEMBERSHIPS INCLUDE A HITTRAX MEMBERSHIP AT NO EXTRA COST, follow the link below to learn more about the HitTrax!

Academy Membership Only Add-On Batting Cage/HitTrax Membership Batting Cage/HitTrax Membership w/o Academy Membership
6 Month $200 6 Month $150 6 Month $299
12 Month $300 12 Month $275 12 Month $450