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Velo Plus Pitching Program



new for 2020-21 off season training -our own pitching lab

The Pitching Lab will feature a brand new plyo wall for our Driveline program, will feature  rapsodo  which is the leader in sports analytics. gives you all the information to improve your pitches, video analysis technology also in the new lab. so excited to have all this for the upcoming player development season.

Phase 2 dates/times 7 week class only

Mondays Jan 4,11,18,25,Feb 1,8,15

H.S. Group 4:45p.m.-6p.m. / Youth Group 5:45p.m.-7p.m

Thursday Jan 7,14,21,28,Feb 4,11,18

H.S. Group 4:45p.m.-6p.m. / Youth Group 5:45p.m.-7p.m

Saturdays Jan 9,16,23,30,Feb 6,13,20

Youth & High School Group

8:30a.m. to 10:15a.m.




Here is the steps that must be done 

  • All Players must register for a Player Recruiting Profile on its under Player Manager. Cost is $49. This is where all data of metrics, videos will be stored and managed by us and you under your Player Profile.


  • Phase 1 and 2 is posted online{Strike Force} and you must register to hold a spot. {Please remember you must have your Recruiting Player Profile on the One Nation website before we accept you.
  • When choosing dates to come to Velo class we suggest only two out of the 3 dates.
  • With the Pitching lab and the new tools we will be able to have up to 20-25 players per session and it will sell out. 


Program will be based on 7wks of training, we would recommend you coming at least two training sessions per week. we will also do mental approach of the game as well with options to work on bio mechanics on there own. We will do all kind of testing to improve the players.

We also have the new Rapsido and the Pitching Lab new for 2020

The more you put in the more you get out! 

 Cost of 7 weeks is $269 / Plus $49 Player Profile 



  • includes new Ply Wall, brand new area designated for pitching
  • Brand New state of the art Rapsido machine its a game changer!
  • New Player Profile website so you can track your own metrics and build off your data and see your video reviews.
  • LETS GO! 

congrats to Velo Plus phase 1- AVERAGE VELO INCREASE 4.65 MPH

Velocity Plus Pitching Program / 7 Week

Velocity Plus Pitching  Program is designed to increase arm strength in a short period of time. With so much demand for velocity, Strike Force has your problem solved with the help of our professional instructors, college coach's, and strength coach's, to guide players into creating more velocity on their fastballs while still being able to command the zone. This program will be run by Coach Ken Wilson who pitched in the Pirates organization .  and also many of Coach Wilson past students to assist, Players like Brian Chad, Ryan Filtner who pitches for Colorado Rockies, also helping will be Austin Szemacs pitching coach in College.  . Our NEW recommended phase 1  program will have two programs designed for the youth, and high school athletes. If students buy in to this program you will see immediate results!

We now have our own Pitching Lab and Rapsido for state of the art feed back.



  • Increase overall strength and throwing velocity.
  • Increase Core strength, lower half explosion
  • Increase arm strength with long toss program
  • Improve Mechanics with proper drill work
  • Improve muscle while working strength training in the weight room
  • Improve flexibility to increase arm speed and body movement
  • Increase Strike Zone Pct. % with all pitches.
  •  Understand what it takes to pitch at the next level.

Some Velo Plus Alumni

Brad Goldberg (Chicago White Sox) 97mph

Brian Clark (Chicago White Sox) 94mph

Brian Clark (Chicago White Sox) 94mph

Brian Chad (Mercyhurst) 91mph

Ryan Feltner (Ohio State) 96mph

Greg Grieves (Miami Marlins) 93mph

Casey Wilson (Kent State) 91mph

Tyler Skulina (Washington Nationals) 96mph

Ryan Bores (Texas Rangers) 93mph

Chad Rodgers (Atlanta Braves) 91mph

Training Info

Week one will be a testing week that will measure progress and performance. We will establish a personal workout schedule based on the testing results. We will make sure we progress velocity gains and improve mechanics on a weekly basis, we will use videotaping as a tool for your development. all weekly updates and velocity and zone tracking will be posted each week to challenge each other.  Please remember this is advanced class and our expectations is to improve each player, but will not hesitate to let players go who are not working hard or doing work on their own.

Velocity Plus Development

We will use a radar gun for both High School and Youth Development, so many new techniques have been added to develop velocity and will be used thru this program. On a weekly basis we will be incorporating band work, strength work, long toss programs, flexibility programs, weighted balls, and more. We promise increase velocity if program is followed on a weekly base.

 Strike Zone Development

With or without velo, you still need to throw Strikes, our increased Bio Mechanics and extensive drill work, will improve our pitching zone location. With video tape analysis, and throwing and working on grips to location, this is part of the Velo Plus.

Final Pitch

Looking at the instruction of some of the best pitching guys in the State, we have trained so many pro and college prospects that we wanted to form our own program to make sure we do it right. Velo Plus Pitching Program  offers you everything you should be looking for in making sure your son improves his game, again this is for the advance player only, if you have any questions please feel free to call us. We will feature classes at  Strike Force in Hudson and also near by venues outside.

Weight Room

Limited spots apply so do not miss your chance to get into class. A waiting list will take place after spots fill!

No Refunds will be given for initial upfront cost